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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] International Quran News Agency (IQNA)

[Date:] 12 Dey 1389 [2 January 2011]


Meetings on “Critique of Baha’ism and Wahhabism” Will be Held in Aligudarz

Culture and Art Group: “The head of the Islamic Propaganda Office of Aligudarz City announced the holding of ‘Critique of Baha’ism and Wahhabism’ meetings in order to inform different cross-sections of the people in this city.”

Hojjatol-Islam Seyyed Mehdi Hoseini, the head of the Islamic Propaganda Office of Aligudarz, in an interview with the Quranic News Agency of Iran (IQNA), Lorestan Branch, announced the holding of meetings on the subject of a critique of Baha’ism and Wahhabism, to inform different segments of the people in the city. He said, “The pure Muhammadan Islam (PBUH) is the greatest blessing of God Almighty, which has been watered by the blood of the dearest human souls.”

He added, “Yesterday, the enemies of Islam, with the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali (AS) and today, by creating deviant sects and promoting false beliefs, are trying to strike at the strong foundations of dear Islam; with the divine blessings, they will not be able to confront the faith and insight of the Shiites with such rusted weapons.”

Hojjatol-Islam Hoseini said, “For this purpose, a course on the subject of critique of Baha’ism and Wahhabism will be held at the Seyyed Al-Shohada Mosque in Aligudarz."