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Muslim Brothers and Sisters

The system of infidelity and hatred, which is increasing its pressure on our hardworking Muslim people day by day, and is destroying every other base of our religion and ethnicity every day, has once again, by collaboration and participation in formation of the Baha’i gathering in London, hurt the feelings of Muslims in Iran and around the world.

The hypocritical foreign mercenary and atheistic king, who lies every day to seduce the congregations of the Muslim nation of Iran about his faith and interest in Islam, and with his impure heart and filthy imagination claims that he has dreamed of the Imam-i-Zaman [Lord of the Age], is now showing his true face to the Muslim nation by providing facilities for Baha’is to travel abroad.

O Muslim People,

While an Iranian person encounters thousands of troubles and problems from the passport office for a simple trip abroad, and finally, the patient or the poor student stops thinking about going abroad, how is it possible that thousands of Baha’is are allowed, in addition to squandering the wealth and capital of our impoverished country, to participate in the centennial celebration of Baha’is and discredit our religion and nationality in the eyes of the people of the world? Oh, my God! If the shah, who claims that [he] is constantly protected by the imam from all calamities and miseries, so why is it that his [personal] physician, Brigadier General Dr. Ayadi is a Baha’i? So why does this claimant of pan-Islamism and pan Iranianism allow the opponents of Islam to play freely with the sanctities of the Iranian nation? So the conclusion that every sane Muslim should [come to in] this situation is that the shah is either a liar or a hypocrite, or he is inwardly a Baha’i, or, of course, he does not intend to serve Baha’ism but rather wants to fill his pocket every day by relying on the affluence of the Baha’i minority.

This pharaonic apparatus of the Iranian embassy in London, whose duty is to protect our religion and ethnicity abroad, from the ambassador and the minister to the lower echelons, reveals its face to our people without a veil, by its silence in the face of the Baha’i commotion. … Does not this silence of theirs also indicate that the members of this treacherous system, from the ambassador to the servant, are either internally Baha’is, or that they were raised by Baha’is, or that they are lying, hypocritical and corrupt? Soon, the Muslim nation of Iran, God willing, will punish them all with the help of their traitorous and irreligious master. Amen! O Lord of All Being.

Then why do these Baha’is who claim to strive for the brotherhood, peace and well-being of human beings, say nothing against the tyranny and dictatorship of the government in our country? Or as soon as you want to talk to them about it, [beforehand] they say that their religion does not allow them to get involved in politics? ... So, their religion is nothing but a means to create hypocrisy and division among the Muslim nations and to keep it in the chains of oppression and infidelity and to strengthen the rule of tyranny and injustice. If they are interested in their homeland, why do they send their money abroad? And if they are not interested in their country, how can they be interested in the happiness of humanity? …


Iranian Muslims in England

4 Dhu'l-Hijja 1382

28 April 1963