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The difficult task of overseeing the enforcement of the Constitution[1]

[Section 7, Minorities]


[Page:] 599


In the Name of God


Number 77-7089

Dated 17 Shahrivar 1377 [8 September 1998]


Hojjatol-Islam Dr. Rouhani

Esteemed Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security




Letter number 77-156, dated 14 Shahrivar 1377, written by the Committee for Investigation and Oversight of Enforcement of the Constitution, regarding issues related to the social rights of official and unofficial religious minorities, particularly the perverse Baha’i sect, a copy of which is attached, was presented to the esteemed president.  He has written as follows:


“Dr. Rouhani


In view of the importance of this issue and the need to find a fundamental resolution for it, it is necessary that it be expeditiously investigated at the Secretariat, with the presence of Mr. Shoushtari and Mr. Mehrpour and representatives of the judiciary and the Ministries of Intelligence and the Interior and a few experts familiar with this problem, and the results be reported either to me or to the Supreme Council for National Security.  I await your action.”


Seyyed Mohammd-Ali Abtahi

Signed by Mohammad-Reza Tabesh



  • Hojjatol-Islam Mousavi-Lari

Esteemed Minister of the Interior, with copy attached


  • Hojjatol-Islam Dorri-Najafabadi

Esteemed Minister of Intelligence, with copy attached




[1] [From a book: Vaẓífih Dushvár-i Niẓárat bar Ijráíh Qánún-i Asásí, Majmú‘ih Mukátibát va Naẓaríát Ḥuqúqí Hía’t-i Paígírí va Niẓárat bar Ijráíh Qánún-i Asásí 13761384 (1997-2006). Dr. Ḥusyn Mirpúr, Tehran, Thálith Publication, 1384 (2005)]