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Number: 22/8/21-545



Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Governorate of the Tenth Province


[Illegible] Ministry of the Interior

Number: 48562 - Date: 13 Azar 1322 [5 December 1943]



Ministry of Interior - Political

Number:  6007 - Date:  24 Azar [16 December]

Office of Provincial Governor of the Tenth Province

I respectfully bring to your attention that Report number 2484 from the police of Shahreza indicates that over one hundred Jewish people, women, men and children, who often introduce themselves as Baha’is, have migrated to Shahreza as pioneers and are occupied with works of carpentry, haberdashery and fabric sales and commerce. The local police have been given orders to watch their actions and behaviour.  This is submitted for your information.

The Governor of Shahreza [illegible - Meykadeh]


A copy of the above report and a copy of correspondence number 4717 from the local police in this regard, which is received by the provincial governorate, is hereby submitted for the information of the Ministry of the Interior.

Governor General of the Tenth Province


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19 Azar [11 December]

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9915 - 2 Azar 1322 [24 November 1943]