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Ministry of Education, Endowment and Fine Arts


Sample 7

Dated 2 Farvardin [Illegible] [129 [0] [23 March 1911]

Has enclosure

Department: Education

Unit: Correspondence

Number: 6676


The Honourable Ministry of the Interior

Enclosed are copies of the letter of reply from the director of education in Kashan, together with the letter which the religious authorities in Kashan had written to him. The government of Kashan needs to be asked to do a thorough and meticulous investigation, with the knowledge of their director of education, so that if someone opened a school without concessionary agreement and an official permit from this ministry, and without adhering to the current regulations of the Ministry of Education, or if [someone] just opened a school with the title “Baha’i” and promoted and disseminated some of the Islamic beliefs through teaching religious education, that school needs to be closed. Otherwise, if a personal objection has been made in relation to some of the allegations, meaningless movements and interference of outsiders in the ministerial affairs of the government, [they] should be prevented.

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South Office, 3 Farvardin [24 March] 400