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The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Official Minutes of Interrogation and [Related] Proceedings


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In the Name of God

The Head of Branch 13 of Shiraz Public Criminal Court 1

Regarding the charges against Mr Abbas Hejazi, son of Kazem, on the allegation of intentional [premeditated?] assault, occasioning the death of Soheil Rezaie, in the light of content of the file and the investigation undertaken, and the statement of next of kin [parents of Soheil] as indicated in the Court’s Minutes dated 1 Dey 1364 [22 December 1985], they declared that their son (the victim), was a Baha’i and there is no proof against this claim within the file.

In view of the fact that in the law governing Qiṣaṣ[1] and Compensation it is not clearly mentioned that a Muslim will not be subject to Qiṣaṣ against a Baha’i [victim], or [the Baha’i victim] will be entitled to compensation, and given the accused has not been summoned to the court for the purpose of investigation of his crime and to inform him about the charges against him, and in the light of Law and Fatwas[2] of religious scholars, you are hereby asked to  make a suitable decision in this matter.

Court Advisor [illegible] - [signature]

1 Dey 1364 [22 December 1985]

503- 2 Dey 1364 [23 December 1985] Criminal court 1


In the Name of God

Given that according to his parent’s admission, the victim was a Baha’i, and he lived in accordance with Baha’i customs and manners, and keeping in mind that according to well-known Fatwas of religious scholars and in particular His holiness Imam [Khomeini], other than the People of the dhimma[3], [other non-Muslims] will not receive compensation and naturally will not be subject to the Law governing Qiṣaṣ regardless of the truth of the matter or its falsehood, we therefore hereby order that [the prosecutor] “will proceed no further in taking action”[4] against the accused.


Rezaie, the Presiding Judge [signature]

2 Dey 1364 [23 December 1985]

To register a copy [illegible]




[1] [Qiṣaṣ:  Retaliation, punishment in the same kind; the punishment of an injury by an act of the same kind, as an eye for an eye, a limb for a limb, etc.]

[2] [A legal opinion or decree handed down by an Islamic religious leader]

[3] [Term referring to non-Muslims living in an Islamic state and who are granted legal protection.  Under Islamic law, the officially recognized religions are confined to Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism.] 

[4] [Nolle Prosequi]