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Ministry of the Interior


Date: 26 Azar 1329 [17 December 1950]

Number: 8664/M




The Head of the Prime Minister’s office


Further to letter number 7878 – 12 Azar 1329 [3 December 1950], while returning [letter] number 22885/1 – 22 Aban 1329 [13 November 1950], we wish to inform you that:

As the governor general of the Tenth Province has reported through confidential letter number 13583 – 12 Azar 1329 [3 December 1950], the representatives of the Office of the Governor General, the Gendarmerie, and the courts in Boroujen have investigated the subject of dispute and referred the case of arson to the local court.  In addition, Captain Hakami, the commander of the Gendarmerie, about whose conduct the locals complained, has been replaced by Lieutenant Taheri. He has already been posted and has started to work there.


The Head the Law Enforcement Office

[Signature], 25 Azar 1329 [16 November 1950]