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Date: 20 Mehr 1323 [12 October 1944]

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Number: 39793/C/4636

Ministry of the Interior

The Immigration and Passport Police Head Office


The Office of the Prime Minister

Following letter number 11269, of 23 Shahrivar 1323 [14 September 1944], regarding the telegraph received from Gorgan about the complaint of the Baha’is there, I bring to your attention that due to the information previously received by the Ministry of the Interior, the governor of Sari was instructed to travel personally to Gorgan to solve the differences and prevent any adversarial incidents. The head of the Bank Melli of Gorgan, who has been involved in these incidents, has been given a different mission; as a result of the actions taken by the police force, there is no reason for concern.


Minister of the Interior

[on behalf, signature]


[Handwritten Note 1:] [Stamp: Entrance to the Office of the Cabinet, number 12916, date: 22 Mehr 1323 [14 October 1944]


[Handwritten Note 2:] For Archive