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[Date:] Esfand 1328 [February 1950]




Office of the Prime Minister


This is to respectfully convey,


From the Ministry of the Interior, a report under the number 17164/11995, dated 2 Esfand 1328 [21 February 1950] has been received concerning the murder of Dr. Berjis. It has been stated that on behalf of the Baha’is there was a formal description written and sent by the Baha’i Assembly [Kashan] to the Governorate to follow up with the perpetrators, as well as to secure the safety of the Baha’is. According to the other existing reports in the Ministry of the Interior, [for some time], there have been instances of similar attempts [writing letters to the ministries and government offices], that the Assembly of Baha’is has been seeking official recognition. The matter of obtaining the formal recognition [of the Baha’is] has led to the provocation of Muslim fanaticism, and according to the reports received in that ministry, similar activities [writing letters] have surfaced in most of the cities; this could potentially threaten the stability of each place. As the Baha’is have never been able to [obtain] recognition, their actions [writing letters] are contrary to the interest of the nation. The Ministry of the Interior [has issued an order] that in the shortest time possible all their assemblies should be barred and banished altogether.

According to the order issued by the honourable deputy [minister has written] on the corner of the Ministry of the Interior’s report, a letter addressed to the [Ministry of] Justice, Ministry of the Interior and National Police Force Headquarters is being prepared, stating that the governor general is to prevent the demonstrations of the people. But after the report of the National Police Force to the Capital was received, in respect of the eight accused of murdering Dr. Berjis and brought to the attention of His Honour [the prime minister], he has ordered that it is not necessary to dispatch [this letter] anymore.

An inquiry has been made [by?] from the special office of His Majesty regarding preventing the actions [illegible] that have been taken by the Ministry of the Interior and [they are] awaiting the views of His Majesty’s [special] office.



Matters were submitted, awaiting your decision.

[Signature:] Dabiran