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Private Number: 15144

Folder: 18 Aban [9 November]

Case File:----



Ministry of the Interior


Unit: ---- Branch: ----

Subject of the Minutes:

Attachment: ----

Transcribe: ----


Date of Writing:

Date of Registration: ----

Date of Transcription:

Exit Date: 132----


His Excellency the Prime Minister,

We hereby respectfully inform you that according to the telegraphic report number 498, dated 14 Aban 1329 [5 November 1950], from the Tenth Governorate Office, due to the disputes between the Muslims and the Baha’is in Boroujen, the Baha’i Centre has been set on fire, and in order to prevent unexpected incidents, it was ordered that reinforcements be dispatched to the place by the gendarmerie [police force] to establish security. On the other hand, to maintain the security, a few soldiers, along with an officer, have been dispatched. The results will subsequently will be reported to you.

Minister of the Interior

Dr. Parviz [illegible] [signature]

The Head of the Law Enforcement Department

Bagheri -16 Aban 1329 [7 November 1950] [signature]