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Ministry of the Interior

Political Division and Passport

Number: 49279/S/8072

Dated: 29 Aban 1323 [20 November 1944]


His Excellency, the Prime Minister,

In reference to letter number 11,500, dated 20 Mehr 1323 [12 October 1944], which includes a copy of a portion of Dr. E’tebar’s question regarding the incident of Shahroud, [this is to] inform you that, according to reports received, Asadollah Naderi had established propaganda councils in Shahroud in favour of the Baha’is, which instigated and resulted in provocations of the prejudice of the Muslim residents and caused commotion among them. Although the decision of the city council was communicated by the local governor to [Mr. Naderi] to temporarily leave Shahroud and stay out for a few days, so as to stop the propaganda and demonstration activities, it was to no avail and [he], with several others, had continued their propaganda activities, which led to turmoil and unrest, resulting in the murder of Asadollah Naderi.

As a result of the actions of the law enforcement officers and the dispatch of an inspector by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice, a number of the perpetrators and instigators of the incident have been detained and prosecuted and the local prosecutor’s office is investigating the case file to determine their punishment. Steps have also been taken for restitution of the looted property. A few of those individuals whose properties have been looted had come to Tehran and had asked the Ministry of the Interior for investigation and the restoration of their looted properties. The same has been communicated by the Governorate to the local prosecutor’s office, and calm has currently been restored.


Minister of the Interior, [On behalf of - signature]


[Handwritten Note] Stamp: Received at the Prime Minister’s Office, Number 15392 – Dated 30 Aban 1323 [21 November 1944]