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Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of God

From: The Ministry of Defence and Support for the Armed Forces

From: Department of Insurance and Retirement

To: Retired Warrant Officer, Keramat Ghodrati Hesari

Number: 137894

Date: Ordibehesht 1374 [April-May 1995]

Attachment: ----


Further to letter number 1375/73/10 – [dated] 21 Esfand 1373 [12 March 1995]

The Department of Insurance and Retirement is an executive organization and has no responsibility to decide on the termination of salaries or their reinstatement. Therefore an image of the letter from the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s office by which the salary of the above-mentioned individual was terminated is attached.

[Illegible seal]


On behalf of: General Kamaloddin Emami


5 Ordibehesht 1374 [25 April 1995]

Receiver: For the information of the above-mentioned individual


[Official stamp:]