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In the Name of God


From: NZAJA[1] Headquarters (Personnel Department MD-P[2], Regulations)

To:  First Receivers [z]

Subject:  Baha’i Personnel

Number: 402/03/7/125

5/11/1365 [25 January 1987]


In relation to the method of dealing with Baha’i personnel, the SAES[3] (MD-P. Investigation and Evaluation) has advised the following procedure in [its circular] number A/603/5/27- 15/10/1365 [5 January 1987].


You are directed to ensure that henceforth any action regarding personnel belonging to the perverse Baha’i sect be carried out according to the following procedure:

  1. The soldiers must be identified by their supervisors (commanders) and the truth of their being a Baha’i be established by checking with the A.S[4] and DAJA organizations.  In the event that they are registered and have an undesirable record, they must be placed under full-time surveillance by their commander and the relevant SAES and HFA[5], and at the first sight of any move involving teaching their faith or action against the interests of the military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they must be immediately handed over to the court.  In addition, in general, such individuals must be employed in places that are not sensitive.
  2. Determining the Baha’i identity of the personnel of the military forces and deciding about them will be done according to the Amendments of 5/10/1358 [26 November 1979], made to Section One, passed on 29/8/1358 [20 November 1979], and this is to be carried out by the SAES and DAJA.


F[6]. NZAJA, Colonel- Ground Forces, Hasani Saadi

From Colonel Hamidi


[1] [Acronym for “Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces”]

[2] [Acronym for “Personnel Management”]

[3] [Acronym for “Political-Ideological Office of Intelligent unit of Army Ground Forces”]

[4] [Acronym for “Political-Ideological Office”]

[5] [Acronym for “Intelligent unit”]

[6] [Acronym for “Commander”]