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[Department of] Education, Qazvin


In the event that you observe in an [educational] institution that a group of Baha’i students are spreading propaganda for their ideology, the following responses, which have been approved by a high official in the Ministry, are recommended:


  1. In the event of propagandizing, they should be expelled.
  2. Otherwise, those concerned should be required to sign an undertaking that they will not engage in spreading any non-Islamic propaganda.  Moreover, efforts should be made not to have groups of Baha’is in any one educational institution.


In view of the foregoing, and for your information, enclosed are three pages of suggestions made by the Student Eligibility Evaluation representative from Isfahan and a subsequent letter from the Ministry, for action that may be taken in similar cases.


6 – 1/4106 – 26/4/61 [17 July 1982]


The General Manager of the [Department of] Education of Zanjan Province, Haydari


Recipient of copy:

Provincial High Schools, for information, with enclosures. Elementary Schools, with enclosures

Copy for information, to all Junior High Schools and High Schools.  Sent to the Representative of Tarem Sofla Region. M


Head of the Department of Education, Qazvin. Hejrati



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3 Mordad 61 [25 July 1982]


[Handwritten not on the lower edge of the page]

39 – 1502

8/21 – 13/8