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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Subject: Activities of the Baha’i Sect


Reports received indicate that the members of the Baha’i sect have started to intensify their activities and propaganda by holding meetings and publishing periodicals.


Owing to the fact that the activities of this sect are in conflict with the holy teachings of Islam, and, additionally, their publications, particularly the Badi Magazine, have been identified as perverse documents, in accordance with the [opinion] of Iran’s Intelligence and National Security Organisation, the propaganda activities of the members of the afore-mentioned sect, (including) the publishing of their periodicals, have to be prevented in an appropriate manner.


In light of the foregoing, you are directed to issue instructions to put a stop to the propaganda activities of the subject sect [in any shape] or form and to prohibit the printing and publication of the sect’s periodicals, including and foremost the Badi Magazine, and to prosecute the offenders according to the rule of law and [to report on] the outcome [of your actions].