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[Personal information has been redacted.]



 Ministry of Justice, Legal Department;[number:7393/J/25470; date:-6/7/1326-[29 September1947]


Circular to Public Prosecutor Offices and District Courts of cities and provinces,

It is essential that the contents of the letter number 18208- date: 31/5/1323- [22 August 1944] be taken into consideration. Be strictly watchful over the events, enforce rules and be active in discharging your legal duties. 


Minister of Justice


7393/J/25470- date: 6/5/1326 – [29 July1947]- copy attached to the confidential letter no 4/1746- 

date: 18/6//1326 [10 September 1947] is being forwarded to the Office of Prime Minister for information.


Minister of Justice, [signature: on behalf of, illegible]


[Margin 1:] observed

[Margin 2:] circular  18208- 31/5/1323 [22 August 1944] – was previously sent to the Ministry of

Justice and they have been informed.

[Margin 3:] previous, 2198/4 -7/7