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Ministry of Finance

Office of Iranian National Railways


Number 680- 12/11/1336 [1 February 1958], Confidential


According to item 4 of Article 2 of the National Employment Act, it is not permissible to employ individuals who are known to have corrupt beliefs, and if they are employed in disregard of the afore-mentioned law, their employment must be terminated as stated in Memorandum 7682- 24/4/1336 [15 July 1957] issued by the Prime Minister’s Office.  The same action is applicable to the Ministry of Finance.  In the event that the above-mentioned employees confess and relinquish in writing their membership in the Baha’i Faith, they may continue their employment.  Otherwise, in accordance with the above-mentioned Act and circular, their employment must be terminated.


Head of National Personnel Department,

Mohammad Ebadi


Copy to National Retirement Office

Confidential 197- recorded on 19/11/1336 [8 February 1958]

Copy is the same as original

Head of Personnel Office [illegible] Southern Railways