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Ministry of Interior

National Police Force Headquarters

671 – [Date] 01/11/13 [21 January 1935]

The Police Force

Criminal Investigations Unit,


Confidential - Urgent


Respected Department of Street and Roads of Kurdistan – further to 629/153 and 658/198, you have been notified previously concerning a number of employees of your department who adhere to [the Baha’i Faith] and identify themselves as Baha’is and who hold gatherings, feasts, and assemblies, and have even participated in group photos with other Baha’is:  they must [now] be dismissed from government employment.  However, should any of them leave their community and recant as Baha’is and stop hosting gatherings and feasts and refrain from identifying themselves [as Baha’i] and refrain from acting as they did in the past, they may continue to be employed by the government as usual.


Signature: Director of the Police Force in Kurdistan- Colonel


Place of stamp:  Police Force of Kurdistan