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Copy of the Flyer


2 Ordibehesht 1323[22 April 1944]


It has been a long time, since we have been approached by numerous people in this town requesting our guidance concerning the extermination of the Baha’is.  In order to prevent an uprising and revolution, we have reassured them and convinced them that the government is addressing this issue. Now we are giving you an ultimatum that you [deal with this and] throw the Baha’is out of the city as soon as possible.  People have lost patience and no longer listen to our advice.  It is quite possible that they will take the situation into their own hands and throw the Bahai’s out and cleanse the city of these filths, which would cause humiliation.  Should such an incident happen, responsibility would be on your shoulders.


From the Jameyyat-e Tarafdaran-e Din


This copy is verified against the original report