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[Personal information has been redacted.]


07/11/1343 [27 January 1965]




Ministry of Culture

Main office of the Department of Culture in Khorasan

The Office of Personnel


Mrs. Rouhi Sabet, graduate of the class of 1342-1343 [1963/1964] from the Girls’ Teacher Training Centre in Mashhad, based on the order dated 01/07/1343 [23 September 1964], the following employment documents are being returned to you, as listed below:


  1. Original and copy of your sixth grade certificate, 6 pages
  2. 6 by 4 photos, 11 pieces
  3. Original and copy of your health certificate, 6 pages
  4. Copy of your birth certificate, 6 pages


Please be advised that, because you have written (Baha’i) as your religion on the application form (4), and in reliance on directive number 654/1370, dated 06/08/1319 [28 October 1940], of the Ministry of Education, your employment is not possible. /M


Chief Director of the Education Department - Khorasan