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Ministry of the Interior

Department of Political Affairs

Number: 57548/7301

Date: 24 Bahman 1322 [14 February 1944]



The Governorate Office of Golpayegan,

By acknowledging the content of report number 48 – 2 Bahman 1322 [23 January 1944] regarding the rumours of the establishment of a Baha’i assembly and the teaching of their faith in Khomein, it is understood from the report that the news that has reached the governorate is based on gossip, and it is evident that no attention should be paid to baseless rumours.

Should you receive confirmations from trustworthy sources that activities and demonstrations which cause discord have surfaced amongst the residents and hampered the local security, such activities must be prevented and the perpetrators prosecuted by the appropriate court.    


Minister of the Interior

[Signature:] Sorouri

General Manager [Signature:]