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Ministry of the Interior

National Gendarmerie Headquarters


[Date:] 12 Aban 1331 [3 November 1952]

[Number:] 29737/J1




Ministry of the Interior,


Respectfully, in answer to communication number 14619/N/10182/M of 1 of Aban 1331 [23 October 1952] we convey herewith that the details have been reported under letters numbered 27155/J1 of 28 Mehr 1331 [20 October 1952] and 28181/J1 of 3 Aban 1331 [25 October 1952]. As is being reported again by the Kerman regiment, the presence of preacher Mr. Ansari has become the cause of insecurity and disorder in Rafsanjan, and given that a strong statement has been issued by Mahan’s Azar Newspaper against him, on 4 Mehr 1331 [26 September 1952] the aforementioned preacher, in a mourning and preaching ceremony, announced his decision to lengthen his stay up to the end of the month of Safar, and he has openly incited people against the Law Enforcement Officers. Please order, through the relevant authorities, that he be summoned, according to the usual channels, and report the results to the Gendarmerie.


Abbas Khandani, a culprit of the event of Rafsanjan, has also been arrested according to the orders of Kerman Legion and the Security Commission, and through the provisional regiment of Rafsanjan, and he has been sent to Kerman.


Commander in Chief of the National Gendarmerie,

Brigadier General Alavi-Moghaddam



[Stamp:] Registered at the Ministry of the Interior, number: 38049, date: 13 Aban 1331 [4 November 1952]

[Handwritten Note: Law Enforcement Office, 13 Aban 1331 (4 November 1952)]