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[Number:] 3/71

[Date:] 11 Azar 1323[02 December 1944]


Confidential, Eyes only


His Eminence Mir-Momtaz, the Governor of Abadeh,

As you are aware, during the past few days, Mr. Sheykh Ali-Akbar Vaez [Sharifol-Vaezin] has written many letters to government departments, requesting the termination of services of some employees, because of their being Baha’is.  He has also written a statement to this bank, requesting the same thing.  As the interference of the sheykh in the affairs of this bank is outside his responsibility, and last year’s incidents might be repeated, it is requested that you take the necessary steps and prompt actions for the protection of the bank’s property and the safeguarding of the employees’ lives and properties.


Director of Melli Bank – Abadeh Branch


Copies of the above letter and the letter from Mr. Sheykh Ali-Akbar Sharifol-Vaezin are presented for the information of the distinguished National Investigating Office, and I would convey that the rumours of the conflict between the Baha’is and Muslims in Abadeh began last year (during the mourning months[1]), almost at the same time as now.  During a Friday in the month of Ordibehesht [13]23, in the same month of Muharram’s mourning in Soghad, which is 18 kilometres away from Abadeh, an extensive opposition led to the upheaval and fight between the Muslims and Baha’is, where one of the police officers of this section and some of the employees of the Finance Department were injured, and the Baha’i school, library and guest house were pillaged and looted, until, with the action of the authorities, the military curfew was established and the uprising and disorder ended.  Now that the month of Muharram is approaching; a stronger and more malicious rumour has been spread, and there are strong indications that, as a result of the aforementioned sheikh’s provocations in the pulpits and mosques against the white-collars, shaved men, government officials [employees] and Baha’is, a similar incident—but with worse and harsher conditions than beforemight be repeated. Therefore, it is requested that the higher authorities take the necessary steps to prevent the possible turmoil and upheaval of these [mourning] months and protect the lives and possessions of the employees of this department.

Finally, please advise your views about whether Mr. Reza Asgarpoor, who is a knowledgeable and smart employee, shall remain in his post or be transferred.



Director of the Abadeh Branch



This is a true copy of the original [signature]




[1] [Mourning months are Muharram and Safar in the Islamic calendar]