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[Personal information has been redacted.]



The Ministry of the Interior,

National Police Force

Intelligence and Security Department

Confidentiality Office


Date: 7/3/23-[28 May 1944]

Number 2881/2320/1


Confidential and urgent.


The Ministry of the Interior


In reference to report number 273/2103, [dated] 7/3/23 [28 May 1944], according to the report from the police force of Shiraz, on 31/2/23 [21 May 1944], around Abadeh, a Muslim was assaulted. He contacted the military governor of Shiraz. Despite an order being issued by the governor to Gendarmerie [police force] to follow up the incident, the Muslims closed [the businesses] which resulted in the military governor’s ordering the arrest and prosecution of four Muslims and three Baha’is.


Surety of the Police Force of Iran, Colonel Sif [signature]


[Handwritten 1:] Stamp: registered at the Confidentiality Office of the Ministry of the Interior, number: 451, date: 9/3/1323 [30 May 1944]

[Handwritten 2:] Political

[Handwritten 3:] [Stamp: registered at the Political Office of the Ministry of the Interior, number: 1851, date: 16/3/1323 [6 June 1944]

[Handwritten 4:] To be reported.

[Handwritten 5:] Archived.