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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA)

[Date:] 13 Azar 1396 [4 December 2017]


Sadeghi at Tarbiat Modares University: Depriving Students Because of [Their] Religion Is Illegal

Tehran’s member in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, emphasizing that the right to education is a human right, which Article 30 of the Constitution also considers to belong to the whole nation, said, “Today, what is applied in higher education, and depriving students of education due to their religion is illegal.”

According to the ILNA correspondent, Mahmoud Sadeghi, at the conference related to university said, “Since the establishment of the university in Iran, it has played its role to an appropriate extent and has played an inventive and decisive role in all the country’s policies.”

He said, “The right to education is a human right and all members of the nation have the right to access education. Article 30 of the Constitution also considers this to belong to the whole nation.”

The member of the Hope faction continued, “All Iranians, regardless of gender, race, religion and language, should have the right to education, and we should not deprive anyone for having another religion, even religions that are not among the three [official] religions; they should be educated.”

The general secretary of the Islamic Association of University Instructors emphasized, “What today is applied in higher education, and [the fact that] students are deprived of education because of another religion is illegal.”

Sadeghi, referring to the law passed in 1364 [1985], [related to] the academic staff, said, “This law should be amended, because as long as there is no court order, a faculty member should not be suspended. This uncertainty that has been created, especially during the course, has suspended many members of academic staff.”

Pointing out that different institutions make decisions about the university, Sadeghi said, “We should know that the government is not the only decision-maker about the university, and institutions such as [The Department of] Intelligence also make decisions.” What percentage of the authority of the minister of science is in the field of higher education? Mr. Towfighi, who is one of the experts in this field, said that only 30% of the power is in the hands of the minister of science ...