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Ministry of the Interior

Political Office

[Number] ---

[Date: Beginning of Azar 1322 [End of November 1943]]


The Governorate of Shahroud,

With reference to letter number 2285 of 15 Aban 1322 [7 November 1943], containing the report of the Shahroud Gendarmerie about the propagation and open presentation of the Baha’is in Mayamey, it is stated that if their behaviour and activities are against the local order, they should, of course, be seriously prevented, and possibly Ataollah Sangsari should be warned to abstain from such propagation, and if he disobeys, he should surely be prosecuted.

The Minister of the Interior


[Handwritten note 1:] Attached is the antecedent of this matter. 11 Azar 1322 [3 December 1943]

[Handwritten note 2:] Urgently provide the factual background to the propagation of the Baha’is in Shahroud. 12 Azar [4 December 1943]