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Islamic Republic of Iran

Decision of the Personnel Department

Form A-(52-2)32, Department of Administration and Employment

1- Establishment: National Grain Company

2- Employee number: [redacted]

3- Name: Mr. Behrouz

4- Surname: Malekan-Najafabadi

5- Father’s name: Ali

6- Birth Certificate number and the place of issue: Birth certificate number [redacted], issued at: village -----, section -----, town: Najafabad, region/ general governor: Isfahan.

7- Place of birth: [redacted]

8- Date of birth: 25 Azar [redacted] [16 December [redacted]]

9- Education and highest qualification: Associated diploma in Laboratory

10- Position: Laboratory technician

11- Field: Agriculture, Subject: Plant Preservation Technician, stage: Three

12- Group: six

13- Level: eight

14- Unit: The Grain Department - Isfahan

15- Area of service: Isfahan

16- Permit: date: -----, Number: -----

17- Type of verdict: Dismissal

18-Verdict details:

Based on Verdict number one hundred and three dated 8 Tir 1365 [29 June 1986] of the Primary Board of Employment Arbitration, and given your unexplained absence for over two months, your services are terminated as of the date of this Verdict. Clearly, as of the above date, you hold no position or rights in this establishment.

19- Salaries, benefits and allowances

A- Salary, Level, Group -----.rial

B- Difference in salary adjustment -----. rial

C- Total of ongoing benefits and one off benefits, bonuses ----- rial

D- Difference in bonuses adjustment -----. rial

E- Bonus for working abroad ----- rial

F- Bonus for inclement weather -----. rial

G- Bonus for deprivation of life privileges -----. rial

H- Extras for place of employment -----. rial

I- Other benefits -----. rial

Total -----. rial

20- The total amount of the salaries and benefits and allowances identified in this order (in letters) ----- rial after lawful deductions from the credit -----chapter -----is payable.

21- Date of the enforcement of the Verdict: 1 Dey 1364 [22 December 1985]:

22 - Issuing date and the Verdict number - dated 31 Tir [illegible] [22 July [illegible]] number 51/243240

23- Name and Surname of the responsible person: Mojtaba Ghaffari

Title [position] in the corporate: Administrative and Financial Assistance


Copy: employee

Copy: Personnel Department - General Office of Grain of Isfahan Province- the Primary Board for the Investigation of Administrative Offences – Personnel’s Statistics