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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God,

Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

University of Tehran


4 Khordad 1360 [25 May 1981]


Honourable Dr. Gholam-Ali Afrouz, deputy director of Finance and Administration

Following directive dated 31 Farvardin 1360 [20 April 1981], and subsequent to letter number D/626, dated 22 Farvardin 1360 [11 April 1981] of the Islamic Republic Information Document Centre of Iran, a list of eighteen individuals whose corrupt beliefs, through association with the Zionist Baha’i sect, was confirmed by the Investigation Committee, either through confession or investigation, is hereby provided below.

  1. Rouhaniyyeh Mehdibeyk – [handwritten note] Geophysics Institute
  2. Daryoush Bakhtiari – [handwritten note] Education
  3. Shantiyan Peymani – [handwritten note] [illegible] Affairs
  4. Faridokht Dadgar – [handwritten note] Shariati Hospital
  5. Bahiyyeh Tavakkoli-Farahani
  6. Ezzat Yazdani – [handwritten note] Literature and Human Sciences
  7. Minou Mahdavi – [handwritten note] International Affairs
  8. Malihe Raoufi-Arani
  9. Vida Rayat – [handwritten note] Nursing Institute [illegible]
  10. Aghdas Baghaie
  11. Mozayyan Bonyadian-Ghamsari
  12. Malihe Tanhaie-Seisan – [handwritten note] Sina Hospital
  13. Houshang Vatankhah – [handwritten note] Razi Hospital
  14. Mehrnoush Towsif – [handwritten note] Cancer Research
  15. Fereshteh Behjat – [handwritten note] Geophysics
  16. Rouhiyyeh Jafari – [handwritten note] [illegible] University
  17. Mehrangiz Taavoni – [handwritten note] [illegible]
  18. Shamsi Mehrchi-Manshadi – [handwritten note] [illegible]


From the Investigation Committee


3 Khordad 1360 [24 May 1981]


[Stamp:] Indexed


[Official stamp with number and date]

Secretariat Office of the University

Number 1/9081

Date 4 Khordad 1360 [25 May 1981]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Mr. Ghaemi’s brother

Urgent, Take Action


[Handwritten note at the top of the page]


Please take action in accordance with the policy


3 Khordad 1360 [24 May 1981]