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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Iran Book News Agency (IBNA)

[Date:] 12 Shahrivar 1392 [3 September 2013]


Publication of 12 Books on the Fabricated Baha’i Sect


The director of the group on Baha’ism at the Baqir al-Ulum Research Centre announced the compilation of 12 volumes of books on the transparency of the fabricated Baha’i sect.

Hojatoleslam Seyyed Hosein-Ali Mousavizadeh, in an interview with Iran Book News Agency (IBNA), explained the effective methods of dealing with deviant currents. He said, “Presenting any plan and programme to counter the invasion of deviant currents requires sufficient knowledge of the ideology, scientific power, propaganda methods, and the human, political, cultural, economic and social geography of that current.”

He continued, “The beliefs of the Baha’i sect are not based on revelation; they have been written only on the basis of the statements of their leaders, and even in various examples, they have been exposed to gross contradictions.”

This seminary scholar said, “The existence of such contradictions in the Baha’i sources and texts and the ideological issues of this sect are such that, according to Baha’is scholars, if we rely on our own texts, we will have to accept one word by rejecting another word.”

Hojatoleslam Mousavizadeh added, “The leaders of this sect have been forced to change and correct the sources of their sect several times during the last hundred years, in order to escape from these many contradictions and mistakes, in such a way that it is out of its original and traditional form and is being converted into a new and modern Baha’ism. Therefore, the Baha’i sect group of the Baqir al-Ulum Research Centre has prepared booklets under 12 titles with various research topics on confronting the perverse Baha’i sect for the scholars and research centres in the country.”

Regarding the subject of the first volume of this collection, he said, “On the subject of Babism, several books and articles have been written in the historical, ideological and social fields, each of which in turn is a step in the defence of Islamic values. We have compiled a study of the Babi sect that has outstanding features and advantages over other writings. Among its features is the use of dependable and reliable reference sources for Babism, presenting a picture of some Babi texts in order to be more convinced of the contents of this book, the critique of the teachings and rules of this sect, the presentation of a comprehensive bibliography of Babism’s works, and critiques along with pictures of them.

Referring to the second volume of this collection, entitled “Baha’i Propaganda Methods and Strategies to Counter Them”, the research director said, “This work is published for the benefit of managers, experts and thinkers in the field of religion and culture. The title of the third volume is ‘Baha’ism and Russia’.”

The director of the group on Baha’ism of the Baqir al-Ulum Research Centre stated, “Three volumes of this book have been prepared for publication and the other nine volumes are in the editorial stage and will be published by the middle of 1393 [2014].”