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[Adopted from website:] Iran Book News Agency (IBNA)

[Date:] 21 Azar 1392 [12 December 2013]


Description of Baha’i-Israeli Cooperation in “Rings of a Chain”

The book “Rings of a Chain – The Empathy and Cooperation of Baha’ism and Israel”, by Mohammad Tehrani, is the ninth book in the Baha’i study series that examines the propaganda activities of Baha’ism and Israel against the religion of Islam.

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According to the Iran Book News Agency (IBNA), the author is trying to answer questions and doubts about Baha’ism and to explain to the reader that Israel and Baha’ism have strong cooperation with each other against Islam.

The author examines in seven sections Israel’s influence in promoting Baha’ism, with titles such as “Zionism,” “World War I,” “The Reaction of Baha’is Leaders,” and “Living with Israel”.

The present work contains three main topics, entitled, “History of the Life of Baha’ism”, “History of the Origin of Zionism”, and “Study and Critique of the Relations Between the Two”.

According to the author, “This book is addressed to all the spurious and oppressive people of all faiths and beliefs who are saddened by the continuation of the criminal usurpation of the land of Palestine by the Zionists.”

The third edition of the book “Rings of a chain – The Empathy and Cooperation of Baha’ism and Israel” by Mohammad Tehrani has been published in 2,000 copies, with 96 pages and at a price of 40,000 rials, by Gooy Publications.