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[Adapted from website:] HRANA - Human Rights Activists News Agency

[Date:] 5 Tir 1389 – 26 June 2010


HRANA News Agency – HRANA - Video Report of the Destruction of the Homes of 50 Baha’is in the Village of Ivel

HRANA News Agency – The homes of 50 Baha’is living in the Village of Ivel in Mazandaran were destroyed by arbitrary agents. The following is a descriptive report with a video of recent events in the village, prepared by HRANA reporters.

The Village of Ivel is located in the Chahardangeh District of Hezar Jarib of Mazandaran Province, southeast of Sari City. This village, in recent years, due to the residence of some Baha’i citizens there, has always been the scene of clashes between arbitrary agents who are accompanied by law enforcement and security forces, and the followers of the Baha’i faith.

After the Revolution of Bahman 1357 [February 1979] in Iran, some of the residents of this village were forced to move due to the pressures on its Baha’i residents in 1362 [1983/1984], and many of their lands were confiscated by other villagers and arbitrary people in the area. The last incident in this village against the Baha’is of Ivel is related to these days. The story goes that, when the Ivel Baha’is realized that some of the villagers of Ivel were preparing a local petition to demolish, level and excavate the Baha’i homes, and found them adamant in their decision, on 1 Tir 1389 [22 June 2010], they referred to the District Office of Kiasar and informed them. This [activity] was declared illegal by that institution. On 2 Tir 1389 [23 June 2010] they again referred to the District Office of Kiasar, the Provincial Government of Sari, the General Court of Kiasar and the Police Station of Telma Darreh, and all of them denied having any information and condemned such an action, calling the action illegal, and the perpetrators criminal, and they promised to follow it up.  

Meanwhile, Mr. Piri’s family, unaware of the events, entered the Village of Ivel to harvest crops. [They were] confronted near his house by a Pride car with four occupants, for entering the village without permission. The family observed that a number of people on the top of their building were busy demolishing their home; at the same time, Mr. Mahmoud Piri was being beaten.

They referred to the District and then to the Court of Kiasar, as well as to the Telma Darreh checkpoint, and filed a complaint about this incident. They handed it over to the said authorities, but it was not taken into consideration.

On the same night, according to one person, four loaders with a number of trucks start demolishing, levelling, and excavating the homes of about 50 Baha’i of Ivel. The video report of the events in the Village of Ivel: Click here to watch the video on YouTube.