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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website]: HRANA

[Date:] 9 Shahrivar 1392 [31 August 2013]


Hrana: The Letter from 47 Prisoners of Conscience at the Rajaei-Shahr Prison and the Murder of a Baha’i Citizen.

Hrana News Service – 47 political prisoners and prisoners of conscience at the Rajaei-Shahr Prison expressed their concerns about the murder of a Baha’i citizen in Bandar Abbas.

Part of this statement is as follows: “We, the undersigned, request that the rights of all Baha’i citizens of this country, with whatever different beliefs they may have, be protected at all times, and all Iranians, without any discrimination based on belief, come under equal protection of the law.”

The full text of this letter, a copy of which has been obtained by the Nafas Dar Ghafas [Breathing in Confinement] site, is as follows:

In the Name of God

We received news that Mr. Ataollah Rezvani, one of our Baha’i countrymen, who had a wife and two children in Bandar Abbas, was abducted and then killed by a bullet to his head.  This heinous act fills the heart of any human being with sadness and grief. We, a number of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience at Rajaei-Shahr Prison, in view of the record of repeated threats to the deceased and the extensive detentions of and summonses to our members—and also in consideration of the similarities and repetitions of such atrocities in other instances during recent years that have led to the killing or severe injury to the physical well-being of some of the Baha’i citizens—while condemning this act, request prompt investigation and prosecution of the leaders and perpetrators of this incident at the courts of justice.

This horrific incident has resulted in the creation of an atmosphere of insecurity amongst the alternative thinkers, particularly among the members of the Baha’i community of Iran. A swift and fair investigation of this matter will ensure the basic right of safety and security for all people in Iran.

Based on the standards of human rights and ratified principles regarding the rights of the people in the Constitution, all people have equal rights; therefore, it is clear that ensuring the physical, economic, and social safety of every Iranian citizen is the duty of the authorities in charge.

Articles 19 and 20 of the Constitution make it clear that: “People of Iran from whatever race or tribe are entitled to equal rights, and color, race, language, and similar things will not be a cause for privilege.” And, “Also, all people in the country, whether women or men, are under the protection of the law….”  Based on the aforementioned principles, we the undersigned request that the rights of all citizens of this country, with their diverse beliefs, be protected at all times, and all Iranians, without any discrimination based on belief, come under equal protection of the law.

1- Mohammad Seifzadeh, 2- Keyvan Samimi, 3- Jamaloddin Khanjani, 4- Behrouz Azizi Tavakkoli, 5- Hamid Motamedimehr, 6- Saied Rezaie, 7- Afif Naiemi, 8- Vahid Tizfahm, 9- Jafar Eghdami,10- Rasoul Badaghi, 11- Farhad Sedghi, 12- Kamran Mortezaie, 13- Mahmoud Badavam, 14- Ramin Zibaie, 15- Mostafa Nili, 16- Shahrokh Zamani, 17- Kamran Rahimian, 18- Kayvan Rahimian, 19- Saied Masouri, 20- Mohammad-Ali Mansouri, 21- Shahin Negari, 22- Shahrokh Taef, 23- Riazollah Sobhani, 24- Azizollah Samandari, 25- Navid Khanjani, 26- Amanollah Mostaghim, 27- Ayatmehr Alibiglu, 28- Mahmoud Fazli, 29- Shahram Radmehr, 30- Latif Hosni, 31- Behboud Gholizadeh, 32- Payam Markazi, 33- Farhad Fahandej, 34- Kourosh Ziari, 35- Loghman Moradi, 36- Zaniar Moradi, 37- Didar Raoufi, 38- Farahmand Sanaie, 39- Payman Kashfi, 40- Kamal Kashani, 41- Foad Fahandej, 42- Siyamak Sadri, 43- Foad Khanjani, 44- Afshin Heyratian, 45- Shahram Chinian, 46- Ighan Shahidi, 47- Alireza Fahmani