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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] HRANA - Human Rights Activists News Agency

[Date:] 17 Mordad 13789 – 8 August 2010


HRANA News Agency – Tribulation Narrative of the Wife of Baha’i Prisoner Mr. Ghavamoddin Sabetian in Sari

On 27 Tir 1389 [18 July 2010] at 3:00 p.m., three intelligence agents went to the house of my husband, Ghavamoddin Sabetian, who was resting, and arrested him (only because of his belief in the Baha’i Faith) and sent him to Sari Intelligence Prison (1). I have taken countless steps to bring him out of prison and I have gone to many legal authorities.

I went to the Revolutionary Court many times and met with the investigator and the deputy prosecutor; I also talked to the prosecutor in the judiciary. Because my husband was sick and under medical treatment, I went to his doctor and got a certificate from him, and also received his medical record from the hospital and presented them to the legal authorities, so that they could take the necessary measures to get him released as soon as possible. I even went to the member of parliament and discussed the issues with him and asked for help.

Despite my being very ill and having had open heart surgery some time ago, [as well as] laser surgery due to my eye discomfort, I did not remain silent and contacted the legal authorities. I went to the intelligence office several times and asked how my husband was doing. Once, on 2 Mordad 1389 [24 July 2010], with great insistence, I received permission to visit him. My husband asked me for clothes and medicine. I was supposed to deliver them to them, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get them to him.

I also have a daughter at home who is mentally ill and is too dependent on her father. During her father’s imprisonment, she waits for his return each day more sadly than the day before, and every day when she wakes up she says, “I dreamt of my father last night and I saw that he was released and came home.” When she heard the news of her father’s release, she could not contain her joy. She was so happy and joyful that I was worried about her. And now I am thinking about how to tell her this unfortunate news, so that her heart does not break any more.

With an affected and sad heart, but full of strength and confidence, I went down the stairs to find the intelligence officer and ask the reason for this order, which was [unjust and unfair]. In response, he offered me no convincing reason to satisfy me. He only replied, “The answer to the review of the case of the computer has not been sent from Ershad [Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance] and we are waiting”. But when I went to Ershad, they told me sadly, “We sent the response to the case in the first few days. (2)

Source: Committee of Human Rights Reporters


It should be noted that a few days before my husband was arrested, about 50 houses that belonged to the Baha’is of the Village of Ivel―one of which was my husband’s house and was a relic of his noble father, had been built with much difficulty and effort, and was full of many bittersweet memories of his childhood and youth―were reduced to ashes in an instant and were leveled and damaged under the wheels of heavy machinery.

Is it fair to arrest such a servant―who is a  kind and compassionate member of Iranian society, who loves his country and is obedient to the government―because of his belief in the Baha’i Faith, and then harass him and his family to such an extent and deprive them of the right to life and peace? To destroy his house and keep him in prison?


(1) Then, on 19 Khordad 1389 [9 June 2010], six agents came to our house with a letter that its content was not clear and finally, with utmost disrespect and insult to our family members and sanctities, they took away all the books, photos, pictures, CDs and computer cases and not give any receipts for the confiscated the items, nor were any of the items returned, and they did not introduce any authority for us to refer to for their return.

(2) Since these books were not within our scope of work, they were sent to Tehran for review, and the answer is that they have not arrived yet.