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[Adapted from website:] HRANA

[Date:] 7 Mordad 1389 – 29 July 2010


The voices of the women of Ivel

Just over a month has elapsed from the devastating demolishment of 50 homes of Baha’is in a remote and previously unknown village of Ivel in the northern province of Mazandaran, Iran. Now, the women of Ivel have voiced their call to the authorities and the world at large. In form of a letter and signed by many of them, they recount the story of their village from its inception; they share with love those difficult years where their parents and grand parents built the village brick by brick, stone by stone; they remember the flourishing time of working together –everyone, side by side, with no distinction– to build their community; they express their anguish towards the turn of events in their village around the time of the Islamic Revolution (late 1970’s); they lament the recent demolishment of their homes; they report on the continued harassment their families have made to suffer; they state with conviction their belief in justice and law; they express their obedience to the law of the land; and, they ask for ears to hear their voices and eyes to observe their situation — they put it on paper, they sign it with their names for the world to know and remember!