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[Adapted from website:] HRANA - Human Rights Activists News Agency

[Date:] 13 Aban 1395 [3 November 2016]


Sealing of 24 Baha’i Commercial Units in Sari

HRANA News Agency – In the past few days, at least 24 commercial units belonging to Baha’i citizens in the City of Sari, the capital of Mazandaran Province, have been sealed.

According to the HRANA News Agency, the news organ of the human rights activists in Iran, on 11 and 12 Aban 1395 [1 and 2 November 2016], coinciding with the Birthdays of Baha’u’llah and the Bab—Founders of the Babi and Baha’i Faith, at least 24 commercial units of Baha’i citizens in Sari were sealed by the law enforcement agencies.

It should be noted that Baha’i owners of the above-mentioned commercial units had contacted the Public Places Supervision Office a few days before this date and, in order to express their good intentions, informed them of their upcoming religious holiday, although the officials of this department refused to accept their letters.

The action to seal the commercial units of Baha’i citizens is carried out while, according to the  Executive By-laws of Article 28 of the Law of the Trade Union [on Temporary Closure of Commercial Units], business owners can close their commercial units for up to 15 days a year without informing the trade union.

The 24 sealed commercial units and the verified details of their Baha’i owners as of the time of preparing the news are as follows:

1.Yaghoub Akbari – Commercial Unit: Repairing home appliances

2. Kamaloddin Akbari – Commercial Unit: Turnery

3. Kourosh Ahmadi – Commercial Unit: Auto body [Shop]

4. Kourosh Moradi – Commercial Unit: Carpentry

5. Asghar Movaffaghi – Commercial Unit: Carpentry

6. Hosein Ahmadi – Commercial Unit: Carpentry

7. Mehryar Ghanbari – Commercial Unit: Installation of security systems

8. Ziaollah Khoshbin – Commercial Unit: Building paint store

9. Ashkan Khalili – Commercial Unit: Motor rewinding

10. Zatollah Darabi – Commercial Unit: Carpentry

11. Naim Kamali – Commercial Unit: Repair of home appliances

12. Ramin Mousavi – Commercial Unit: Building Decorations

13. Ehsan Sanaie – Commercial Unit: Sale of sanitary products

14. Sohrab Zahedi – Commercial Unit: Stationery

15. Nima Shabrokh – Commercial Unit: Sanitary ware

16. Bahman Zabihi – Commercial Unit: Haberdashery

17. Behzad Zabihi – Commercial Unit: Sales of eyeglasses

18. Shahriar Foroughian – Commercial Unit: Electric motor rewinding

19. Pejman Roshankouhi – Commercial Unit: Tool Shop

20. Shahram Nowbakht – Commercial Unit: Tool Shop

21. Behrouz Yousefi – Commercial Unit: Repair of home appliances

22. Vahid Golpour – Commercial Unit: Clothing

23. Jahanbakhsh Movaffaghi – Commercial Unit: Turnery

24. Saed Andakhs – Commercial Unit: Clothing