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[Adapted from website:] Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA)

[Date:] 8 Khordad 1385 [29 May 2006]


In the Name of Freedom

We Condemn the Repression of and Pressure on Religious Minorities

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all are equal, and no one should be oppressed on the grounds that they belong to a minority. Unfortunately, discrimination against religious minorities in Iran has been on the rise, and belief in a religion different from the official religion of Iran has been repressed. Iranian prisons have seen and continue to see prisoners arrested and persecuted for propagating religion, and Pastor Hamid Pourmand is a clear example of this great human rights violation. The continuation and intensification of this process can be seen in the repression of a large number of Qom dervishes who have been beaten, arrested and imprisoned by the government, and now we see the arrest of a large number of Baha’i compatriots without explanation and without charge, who, in [violation of] international conventions,  are still in detention.

Human rights activists in Iran, while expressing strong concern about the process of repression and pressure on religious minorities in Iran, call for the observance and implementation of international legal principles and conventions in this regard, and demand the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Hamid Pourmand and other ideological detainees of religious minorities. We shake hands with all those who are with us in this way.

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