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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God


Bank Mellat

Central Branch - Tehran


Date: 24 Azar 1360 [15 December 1981]

Number: 60077

In response to this letter kindly use this reference number


General Letter

Subject: Freezing of Accounts

According to directives issued from the Islamic Revolutionary Courts of Justice, which, through letter number 1/3629, dated 9 Azar 1360 [30 November 1981], from the Board of Control and Supervision of Financial Affairs of the Banks, have been announced to this Bank, the assets of the following individuals have been seized or their control has been handed over to the Mostazafan Foundation [of the Islamic Revolution]. Therefore, within five days from the receipt of this letter, kindly inform this office of the existence of the total dues and the available balances of the mentioned individuals and the pledges kept by your branch, considering the following matters:

  1. Avoid any transfers and payment of the aforementioned accounts until further notice by this office.
  2. If the individuals mentioned have opened credit accounts and have already paid their dues, or their documents will be processed later, the full specifications of the credit or the applied credits should be indicated. No document [pertaining to these credit accounts] should be delivered to anyone, until further notice by this office.
  3. If the individuals mentioned have a safety [deposit] box or boxes, these should be sealed and their numbers should be mentioned.
  4. If the individuals have shares, their values and balances should also be mentioned.

Obviously, if the records of the above-mentioned individuals are missing, and there is no answer within the stipulated timeline mentioned above, this will be considered as lack of liability and availability of funds, and any consequences will be the responsibility of the branch managers.  


  1. Houshang Mahboubian, son of Abol-Ghasem, with identification number [redacted], according to letter 0/8456/22605, dated 2 Azar 1360 [23 November 1981], Mostazafan Foundation 


Legal Office Headquarters


[Official Stamp, with number 4-42, and date 1 Dey 1360 [22 December 1981]

[Handwritten number:] 1042 / 10-13