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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Oil


Date: 30 Mordad 1362 [21 August 1983]

Number: 1788 – 7 – B H

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Clement


Decision Number: 595

Date: [31] Mordad 1362 [22 August 1983]

Administrative Authority: Preliminary Commission for the Restructuring of Human Resources, Office Number 7

Type of allegation: Article 29 / Section (8)

Procedural Synopsis: Allegations against Mr. Houshang, family name: Firouztash [Firouzian], son of Mousa, born in the year [redacted], birth certificate number: [redacted], issued at [redacted], organizational position: supplies, length of service: 9 years, Place of employment: Gas unit, personnel number: [redacted], education: High School diploma, married, were investigated by the commission.  The commission provides its decision, which was taken at its meeting dated 27 Mordad 1362 [18 August 1983] and was based on the documents presented, as follows:


Commission’s Decision

Considering the content of the file and the report of the investigating group---X----, the confession of the accused----X----, defense of the accused----X----, and considering other circumstances and evidence in the file, the allegations against the accused are established and proven to the Council; charges against the aforementioned relate to membership in the perverse Baha’i sect as specified in Section 8 of Article 29.

[Based on] the Restructuring of Human Resources Act of Ministries and governmental and government-affiliated institutions, ratified on 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981], and pursuant to Section 11 of Article 20 of the said Act, [the accused] is permanently dismissed from employment in the government and affiliated institutions.  This decision, as stipulated under Article 46 of said Act is subject to appeal by the reviewing commission within 15 days of announcement to the accused [whether such announcement is received via letter or through other legally acceptable means].


[6 official stamps with number and date]


[Handwritten note at the top of the paper]

Approved for announcement and action, please