Hosein Vahdat-Hagh

Born: 7 August 1925, Shiraz

Executed in Tehran on 28th February 1982


Hosein Vahdat-Hagh was born into a Baha’i family in 1925 in Shiraz.  After completing primary school in Shiraz his parents sent him to Tehran for high school.  He then entered the Military Academy and at the age of 22 returned to Shiraz as a lieutenant.  He married in 1950 and later transferred residence to Tehran to further his education.  He moved to Stuttgart, Germany to pursue a postgraduate degree and later returned to Iran and settled in Tehran.  He retired in 1977 after 33 years of loyal service.  After the commencement of the Islamic Revolution his pension was terminated because of his adherence to the Faith.

He was arrested on 30 September 1981.  He was imprisoned in a damp cold basement and suffered greatly.  He was transferred to Qasr prison on 15 December 1981.  He suffered most severely during his imprisonment and became very weak and ill.  He was executed on 28 February 1982.  His body was not returned to his family; he was possibly buried by the authorities.


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