[Newspaper:] Hong Kong Standard

[Date:] 26 June 1981


B'hais [Baha'is] appeal for Help 


Chicago, Thurs (Reuter) – The US headquarters of the B'hai faith appealed for urgent action yesterday to save its followers from firing squads in Iran following another round of executions in Teheran.

"We appeal to the conscience of the world for urgent and effective steps to alleviate this cruel persecution before it is too late," said Glenford Mitchell, head of the Bahai governing body in the United States.

A spokesman said the Bahai headquarters had received reports from Teheran that three B'hai leaders were shot on Monday and four more on Tuesday.

He said 50 B'hais had been put to death in Iran in the last year because the ruling Muslim clergy considered them heretics.

The continuing executions underscored a plea to United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim last week to intervene, the spokesman added.

He said the B'hais numbered about 500,000 in Iran and were the largest minority in the Muslim nation. The B'hai faith, which endorses all religious and unity of all races, was founded in Iran.























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