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The Ministry of the Interior,

National Police Force Headquarters,

Intelligence Office

The First Circle

Number 1/15869/15979

Date: 15 Esfand 1322 [6 March 1944]




His Excellency the Prime Minister,

According to the report of the Tabriz police force, on the fourth day of the month, a group of residents of Azarshahr gathered with the aim of plundering the houses of the Baha’is. Nearly three hundred of them attacked the homes of Mr. Hosein Chitsaz and Balazadeh, who are Baha’is. They looted and [tried to] set fire to the households’ belonging, [but later] were prevented by police. Sixteen of the perpetrators were arrested. As has been reported by the police force, the incident occurred because of the speech of a clergyman, Mirza Mohsen in Azarshahr.

The incident was immediately reported to the Governor’s Office and, according to his instructions, Colonel Amir Parviz visited the area, and with assistance of the gendarmes, order was restored in the area. This incident is reported for your information and it has also been reported to the Governor’s Office. 


The Head of the National Police Force

General Jahanbani [Signature]


[Handwritten note1:] In order to prevent similar actions, it should be written to Ministry of the Interior

[Handwritten note2:] Number 2273 - 24 Esfand 1322 [15 March 1944]