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[Newspaper:] Manshour-e Baradari [The Charter of Brotherhood] (the Organization of Fadaiyan-e Eslam and Loyalists to Martyr Navvab Safavi)

[Date:] Saturday, 5 Dey 1360 [26 December 1981] – 29 Safar 1402

[Issue No.:] 112


The Hojjatieh Society

Our dear brothers from the cities have requested the description of the Hojjatieh Society and clarification of our position and the positions of other organizations towards them; and we indeed do not know what is [our] duty regarding such incidents…

…  For a long time, the Hojjatieh Society has campaigned against the Baha’is and by spending time and educating the Muslim youth, has confronted them; by exposing them, it has tried to get rid of these mercenaries.

… and [they] were developing the recognition of the spirit of guardianship and the Imam of the Resurrection Day in people. They believed that through education of the young generation and prevention of corruption, the path would be prepared for the Revolution of [Mahdi], the Imam of Time, may our souls be sacrificed for Him. After the victory of the Revolution, some of them realized that stopping Bahaism and propagation of the ideology of truth and recognition of the Imam of Time is better achieved in this way. Because once the government of Truth is established, Bahaism will automatically disappear, as there will be no reason for its existence. It is possible that a group of them still exist who believe in foundational work and do not believe that government is effective in such developments; [they] are mistaken and must be guided …