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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Salam-e No

[Date:] 26 Shahrivar 1393 [17 September 2014]


Hojatoleslam Naser Ghavami: Insulting the Sanctities of Others Is Wrong

Hojatoleslam Naser Ghavami, in an interview with the analytical news site Salam-e No, said, “One should be careful. Insulting the sanctities of others is wrong. Now, these sanctities can be the beliefs of the Sunnis or the sanctities of individuals who do not even have a divine religion, because it is stated in the Quran that God told the Prophet not to insult the gods or the idols of the infidels because they insult your sanctities.”

He added, “The Friday prayer leader should be careful in Friday prayer sermons because these sermons are broadcast from satellites. The pulpit speakers should be careful not to have any insults in their speech. This must be observed.”

Hojatoleslam Ghavami said, “Baha’ism is not a religion; it is fabricated. Their religion is not divine and heavenly; nevertheless, if these people live in the country, they should enjoy all the benefits that people enjoy. They have to study, go to university, have a job. They must have the support of the government as long as they live in the country.”

In the end he said, “Of course, they must also agree to observe the laws of the Islamic Republic, and the government and the people must respect them. Even though their religion has no divine basis, they should be respected, and as long as they obey the law we should not treat them adversely.”