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[Adapted from website:] Jaras - Green Movement Network

[Date:] 27 Esfand 1392 [18 March 2014]


Qom Seminary Lecture: Citizenship Rights are in Conflict with Umayyad Sunni Islam, but not with Alawite Shia Islam

Jaras: The Seminary Professor criticized people who contrast citizenship rights with Islam, and said, “When discussing citizenship rights, the citizens belief is not the issue, it is the basic right of all human beings that is the issue, and this principle does not conflict with Alawite Islam.

According to ILNA, last night during a speech on the subject of Fatima and the teachings of the Quran in the Husayniiyyih[1] about Fatimah al-Zahra, Mohammad Ali Ayazi addressed the position of her holiness Fatimah in the Quran and said, “Most students of the Holy Quran, even if from different Islamic sects, know the Sura Al-Mubahala, the Sura Tathir, and the Sura Kawthar which speak about respecting and honouring her holiness [Fatimah al-] Zahra”. …

Emphasizing that citizenship is not a matter of belief but of human rights, the lecturer of the seminary said, “In discussions of citizenship, no one seeks to prove or disprove the beliefs of Jews, Christians or Baha’is, but rather, they argue that citizenship rights are for all people who live in this country and who follow its rules and regulations. What right do we have to harass them and deprive them of these basic rights or prevent them from studying and living here? In the discussion of citizenship rights, it is not a matter of belief, but an issue of basic rights for all human beings. The Holy Quran explicitly emphasizes this right and says that those from any faith or religion, unless they fight against you or harm you, be good to them and treat them with justice. The Quran even says about the enemies of Islam that you should not go beyond justice with them because of this enmity, you should not deny them justice.

Ayazi stated, “If someone claims in the name of religion and God that individuals and minorities should be persecuted or deprived of equal rights, this is against the Quran and piety.”



[1] [Husayniiyyih:  Place of congregation for Shia ritual ceremonies especially remembrance of the Martyrdom of Imam Husayn]