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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Defa Press

[Date:] 13 Bahman 1397 [2 February 2019]


Superstition is the Bedrock of Establishing Perverse Sects

Hojatoleslam Abdulghader Homayoun, a lecturer and researcher on sects and religions in the university, said, “Exploratory colonization is a new type of sect-making that has occurred in a new way in society; an example is the Baha’i sect, which was created by exploratory colonialism.”

He said, “Usually, sects are created with material, political, spiritual and psychological motives, whereas in the third type, the individual seeks to create a name for himself―that is, to be exposed―and there is no financial discussion at all.”

Homayoun added, “Superstitious issues are the prelude to sects, and they can easily enter society and create deviations.”

He said, “When people make a vow, naturally a person benefits from this issue by creating a sect, and it should also be noted that sects have their own tactics for each point and it does not matter what the financial situation is.”

The lecturer of the seminary and the university stated, “TV advertisements and the media also influence the effect of sects.”

Homayoun continued, “For 18 weeks, we witnessed the Baha’i sect on the outskirts of Tehran, where they carried out propaganda in the form of various associations and creating divisions.”

He added, “Superstitious currents cause divisions between religions. Many of those who have created a cult [have also created division among religions].”

Homayoun said, “The Baha’i sect has been influential in the economic field and has always tried to disrupt this field. One can refer to the plans of the satellite network Manoto, which is managed by the Baha’i sect.”

He continued, “Sects are opportunistic and use their capacities to frustrate and deceive the society.”