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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:]  Kayhan

[Date:] Saturday 17 Bahman 1360 [Sunday 6 February 1982]

[Issue No.:] 11502

[Page:] 5


Special edition for the third anniversary of the Revolution, No. 5

Hojjatul-Islam Khalkhali, in an interview with Kayhan [Newspaper]:

During the time of the Imam, we have taken significant steps, one of which is the filtration of hypocrites.

Filtering [out] the anti-revolutionaries, Hezar Famil, monarchists, removing the false mullahs from the circle, and the execution of the leaders of corruption, are the great victories of the Islamic Revolution.

In connection with the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, our reporter had an interview with Sadegh Khalkhali, the representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, who was asked to share his memories of the past three years.

In this interview Hojjatul- Islam Khalkhali said........

…7- “The late Lieutenant General Jafargholi Sadri, the commander in chief of the police force headquarters of the time, told me, ‘I was censoring all the telephone calls of General Ne’matollah Nassiri. He had relationships with filthy women, he loved money [a lot] and had a business of animal husbandry with Hojabr and a Baha’i family named Roshan.......’

In answer to the question as to what important challenges [he had overcome] within past three years, since the beginning of the Revolution, and how the various authorities had performed, Khalkhali responded, “We have taken great steps since the Revolution: cleansing the anti-revolutionaries and thousand families, Freemasons, the machinery of the espionage of the Baha’is, clearing [filtration] of the monarchists and supporters of the Muslim Peoples’ Republic [party], sacking the false mullahs from the circle, including the execution of some of them, the dissolution of SAVAK, the execution of the leaders of the “Perverts on Earth”, and finally, keeping the wheels of revolution rolling, have been the greatest issues of the country, [and have caused] hope to blossom in people....”