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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health

Public Court of Tehran (Personnel Affairs)

Number -----

Date -----

Enclosure -----


In the Name of God

Regional Office of the Organization for Health and Welfare, Kerman Province [illegible]

Date: 17 Aban 1365 [8 November 1986]

Number 19848

To: Branch Office 68

From: Personnel Department

Subject: Response to Dr. Shahbahrami’s complaint (file No. 502/60)


With reference to letter No. 19/7828, dated 2 Aban 1360 [24 October 1981] with related complaint, to Mrs/ Mr Dr Shahbahrami’s complaint, we hereby state:

1. In accordance with Supplementary Articles 1 and 2 of the Constitution, the official religion of Iran is Islam and the Right Path of Jafari Twelvers Shiah, and [the nation’s] law must not contradict the sacred laws of Islam as ordained by Mohammad.   Furthermore, it is self-evident that the responsibility for determining whether or not legislation is in conflict with the laws of Islam rests with the Most Learned, who have categorically confirmed that, the perverse Baha’i sect is infidel and apostate and employment of its members in governmental organizations is antithetical to Islam.   Contrary to what these individuals state in their complaints, their belief is in opposition to the "creed of the Twelvers" and Article 5 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

2. With full confidence that Sections 12 and 6 of the National Employment Act and the Social Security Employment Regulations regarding depravity of beliefs applies to the followers of the perverse Baha’i sect, it follows that the employment of such individuals has always been in fundamental contravention of the law.

3. During the previous regime, government officials had no real conviction concerning the implementation of the Islamic law; nevertheless, there was a question in respect of the religion of the applicant on employment application forms which the applicant had to answer, so if the applicant identified himself [as a follower of] a religion other than the four officially recognized religions of the Land, the applicant would be denied employment. Such individuals most often obtained government posts by refraining from answering the relevant question and through the negligence of government officials.

4. Since the success of the Islamic Revolution and the ratification of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic and the establishment of the government, which sees itself responsible for the implementation of the Divine law and adherence to Islamic doctrines, it is deemed impossible, both "religiously and legally", for the Ministry of Health to co-operate with individuals who do not believe in the true religion of Islam or the other religions officially recognized under the Constitution of the Islamic Republic.  Noting that all Ministries and governmental institutions have thus acted on the dismissal of such individuals, you are requested to issue the appropriate order.

Hashem Askari

Executive Director of the Personnel Department.



Copy to: the Regional Health Organization for Kerman Province - for information and to record in the file of the above-mentioned person

File [containing] full relevant background and comprising a total of four sheets is enclosed

Administrative Affairs Proceedings 430442


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