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Date: 9 Mehr 1387 [30 September 2008]

Number:  86/20142                                                                                          



In the name of the Almighty

The esteemed Chief Warden of Shiraz prison, Adelabad


Further to number 9D/86/20142 dated 3 Azar 1386 [24 November 2007] registered in the records

Considering that the accused person(s):  1- Enayatollah Haghighat son of Ziaollah charged with Propaganda against the regime and insulting the sacred teachings of Islam found in verdict number 485-1/3/87 of branch one of court of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, has been convicted to one year’s imprisonment suspended for four years, to be registered in his records. This order must be imposed and the court must be advised thereafter.

Time should be calculated from the date he was released on bail.


In charge of executing the orders of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz


9 Mehr 1387 [30 September 2008]