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Islamic Republic of Iran

Judicial System


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Legal Case


His Honour Ayatollah Amoli Larijani

Head of the Judicial System

With respect

Pursuant to the single clause of the Amended Article 18 of the Amended Public and Revolutionary Courts Procedure Code, ratified in Dey 1385 [January 2007] and the executive by-laws, [in] a report from the judges reviewing cases 911162, Branch 3 of Semnan Civil Court, and 930013, Branch 6 of the Provincial Court of Appeals, together with the opinion of the Commission number (3) located in the [office of the] Judicial deputy, in response to the erroneous announcement of the director general of the Justice Administration of the province in judgment number 9309972315600089, dated 4 Ordibehesht 1393 [24 April 2014] issued by Branch 6 of the Semnan Court of Appeals, they [the judges] agreed that Article 18 would be applied. It is submitted for consideration in order to issue a proper order for retrial.

N1- 26 Mordad 1393 [17 August 2014]



Deputy Judicial of the Judicial System



In the Name of God

According to the attached report, the verdict on the subject of pleading for justice was found to be contrary to the religious precepts, and based on the abovementioned single clause, in addition to agreeing to retrial, based on the permission obtained from the supreme leader, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, [it has been decided that] the case should be sent to the same level court to issue the final verdict. If an occasion arises, the execution of the sentence should be suspended by implementing the Article 3 by-law.


Amoli Larijani

Head of the Judicial System