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[Date:] Thursday 19-1-1372 - 16 Shawwal 1413 - [8 April 1993]

[Number:] 2092

Page: 2


Dr. Mehrpour, The Head of the Iranian Delegation stated, in the Islamic Republic News Agency, that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s stance was explained at the United Nations Human Rights Committee at the United Nations,

During both morning and afternoon sessions yesterday, of the UN Human Rights Committee, the Islamic Republic of Iran explained its stance regarding “human rights”, and responded to questions and ambiguities concerning Iran’s legal and penal laws.

As Head of Iran’s delegation, Dr. Hossein Mehrpour presented a 60-page report to the committee and responded to questions raised by committee members, referencing Quranic and Islamic aspects of the constitution, and other penal and judicial rules and regulations.

… He emphasized that in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and its laws, harassment and persecution are forbidden, and as a result torture is absolutely unsupported.

In response to a question about whether the fate of non-Muslims would be execution, Dr. Mehrpour emphasized that neither the constitution, nor the penal laws contain any provisions for sentencing someone to death due to their belief in any religion other than Islam.  He added, “Basically, according to the constitution, inquisition is forbidden, and nobody could be punished for having a certain belief”.

Mehrpour said that Kayhan Khalajabadi and Bahman Misaghi[1] were sentenced to death because of accusations of espionage and not due to being Baha’is.  However, he denied the news of their execution and said they were not executed, and that the Supreme Court had cancelled the initial sentence because the level of their espionage activities did not warrant execution.


[1] [It seems the names are misquoted and correct names are Kayvan Khalajabadi and Behnam Misaghi]